arbol de uspib

for String Quartet

growing up, I lived in a semi-culdesac. the name of the street remains - cerrada de joaquin pedrero. my great grandmother cultivated fruit from a tree there, when she and her
family moved from puebla to tabasco. the tree was of the species couepia polyandra, commonly known in the state as the titular "uspib". it is possible that the name is derived
from the maya word "uspi" which stands for "pio", a mayan dialect. the tree gives an orange pasty fruit, of a taste that i was not particularly fond of, but it was a fertile and
strong tree, often littering the floor of my childhood with its bright titian hue. sadly, the tree was partially cut down in the past year by an unruly neighbor, illegally and without
this piece is an arrangement of various festive tunes from the state of tabasco, veracruz, and some familiar to the entire mexican republic. in light of the now seemingly
eternal situation of the us-mexico border, i chose to dedicate the piece to the many lost stories, tears, breaths, and lives that perished, and continue to do so, in this situation.
the uspib tree is a personal analogy for me, as there are many uspi fruit that become squashed, rot away, and are simply forgotten. the plentiful nature of the tree, and the
infertile nature of the concrete below create this situation, both in a type of symbiosis that creates loss, as well as opportunity.


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